Who is JENZA? Can I trust them? And why don’t you ever call? (Mum??!). So, (mostly) legit questions to ask before you book. JENZA is the travel love child of USIT and BUNAC – two originals of the work and travel world founded by students in 1959 and 1962. Yep, we’re old AF. But with that, comes a ton of wise old owl expertise and trust. Basically, these chaps may be so new they chafe – but it’s not our first rodeo. Working as one global team, JENZA has the backing of 60+ years of work abroad experience, but has been built for today’s travellers. Shaped by our Youth Advisory Panel and given the stamp of approval by our roadtesters, it’s all in our logo: You Shaped Travel. Earn as you explore Flexible working holidays with pre-arranged jobs in Canada, Japan, USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Because you should never have to choose between getting a job and going travelling.

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