Application Support for Under Graduate Admission - StEPS

Undergraduate Student Guidance- UK, USA and Canada

·      University Selection

·      Course Selection

·      Guidance on documentations

·      Personal Statement Review/editing

·      Scholarships Guidance

·      Post Application Support

·      Student Visa Guidance

·      Pre Departure Guidance

·      University Comparison Sheet

UCAS has a mandatory requirement of submitting a focusedPersonal Statement. Our experience over 24 years shows that students generallystruggle with putting their thoughts together to prepare a draft of theirPersonal Statement. Led by a TESOL and IELTS professional, our team at StEPS,helps students in overcoming this struggle and not only provides detailedfeedback but also reviews multiple drafts for editing of grammar, vocabularyand any mismatched ideas to help you develop a winning UCAS statement.